Sunday, August 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Babies!

Happy birthday you, happy birthday you.... Today at 4:17 and 4:18 pm my twin daughters officially became 2 years old. It's the second anniversary of the day my OB called and said something like "we'd like you to come to the hospital so we can run a few tests. We'll most likely deliver your babies tomorrow." When I got to the hospital the "we'll likely deliver them tomorrow became "we're going to deliver them today." And into the OR I went to have a C-section after 33 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy. As they wheeled me into the delivery room, nurses kept asking if I was ready to be a mother. I didn't quite know how to answer the question because what I wanted to know was "are my daughters ready to be born." The answer turned out to be yes and no. After all there were still 6 weeks to go before my due date. On the other hand, the single placenta the twins shared was tapped out and it was causing problems for all 3 of us. So ready or not, out they came weighing 3 lbs 14 oz and 2 lbs 15 oz. We've come a long way from this:

and this: On one hand, I can't believe that two years have gone by already, but in other ways it feels like it has been at least a century since they were born. Happy birthday small ones. I love you more every day.


Michele said...

Congratulations and Happy 2nd Birthday. Lots of adventures in store for all of you this year!

Momma Bean said...

Happy birthday little ones! You've come so far!!

Amy said...

Oh, our stories are so similar! I went in to MFM for an ultrasound to make sure the babies weren't getting too big from my gestational diabetes (the irony!) and wound up being sent for an emergency c-section right then and there because Brayden's placenta had abnormal blood flow and he had stopped growing. I delivered at 32 weeks, 6 days. They sent one of the neonatologists (Dr. Dunbar--I'm sure you dealt with him) in to talk to me about what to expect in the NICU. I was crying hysterically the entire time because I was so scared it was too early. And it was in so many ways. The weighed 2lbs 14 oz (Brayden) and 3 lbs. 14 oz. (Baylee). Baylee did well and came home in 19 days. Brayden wound up being there 2 months because he had an undetected dual aortic arch and was aspirating and unable to breath on his own. However, as our primary nurse pointed out after they figured out what was wrong, if I'd gone full term, it is possible the dual aortic arch would have resulted in a still-born. Who knows? It has all worked out and I'm beyond thankful for that.

Who was your primary nurse?

Julie R said...

Amy, I think Dr. Dunbar was the one who came to tell me about the NICU too. I don't think we had a primary nurse, but our primary neonatologist was Dr. Balhoff. I sent you an email with more comments.