Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"Going to the children's museum"

If I ever stop procrastinating and finish my PhD, it is likely that we will move to a new city in an entirely different state. We are excited about the prospect of our move, but we are not quite ready for the Mister's place of employment to know that he may be leaving. This means that when we IM each other during the day (this has been our primary means of communication for the last several weeks) we have to talk in code just in case one of his bosses is looking over his shoulder. In case you're wondering, employees at his place of business IM each other all the time, so the simple act of receiving an IM won't get him in trouble at all, just the potential content of said IM. Anyway, between the two of us, we have decided that whenever we want to talk about the new place, we will say something about going to the children's museum. And if you don't know the code, this makes for some pretty strange conversations. "Do you have any idea what the crime rate is at the children's museum?" Do you know if there are any good restaurants at the children's museum?" "When we go to the children's museum, we'll have to see if we can hook up with A Friend." and my favorite "I need to start looking for daycare at the children's museum." But now I must back to my dissertation, or we will never be able to "go to the children's museum."

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