Saturday, July 27, 2013

The problem with summer birthdays.

We have always encouraged our identical twins to be individuals and to pursue their own interests and friends.  It has worked out quite well – until now.  I promised the girls they could have a slumber party for their 8th birthday and told them they could each invite two people.  The problem?  Both of A’s friends said “yes” but neither of K’s friends can come because they will be out of town (such is the nature of an early summer birthday party).  Now I’m not sure what to do.  Should I:

a)      Postpone both parties and try again after school starts in a couple of weeks?

b)      Have A’s party as scheduled and have K’s party at another time?

c)      Cancel both parties and take just the two of them out for an extra special event?

d)      Go with some other option?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Perks of working at home

My career is currently in "transition" and I have mostly been working at home the last couple of weeks.  Not going into the lab/office everyday has a few downsides.  But there are definitely perks.  Some of those perks include: 

  1. I get to play what ever music I want as loud as I want to play it.
  2. I don't usually feel guilty for taking an internet surfing break (but breaks tend to be longer)
  3. I get to control the temperature.  The air-conditioner is never running on days when it's less than 50 degrees outside.
  4. If I find that I didn't dress appropriately for the day, I can just wander into my bedroom to change.
  5. I'm not usually cleaning the bathroom when I need to use it (downside is that I don't have a janitorial service cleaning my bathroom).
  6. Only my dirty dishes are in the sink. 
  7. I can eat or throw out anything that's in the fridge.
  8. Irish coffee (or any alcoholic beverage) is perfectly acceptable.