Monday, May 21, 2007

Birthday party part 2

So it turns out that I freaked for no reason (not that I have a history of doing that or anything). The birthday party was fine. My kids were dressed like all the others. And our present was fine too (at least I think it was, we left before it was opened). But the books and small cars were in the same price range as the other presents that were given by non-family members. Its just that reading about the Mommy Wars in Newsweek and seeing articles about picking the perfect caterer for your 2 -year-old's birthday party in American Baby, causes panic. At least it cause me to panic. But now I know. And knowing if half the battle.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Help, we've been invited to a birthday party!

My twins have been invited to their first birthday party. It's for a little boy they go to daycare with. And since they spend at least 30 hours a week with him, I guess we could call him a friend. "Now what's so bad about a birthday party," you might ask. Well firstly, what should my kids wear? Do I need to put them in dresses or other "party clothes?" I kind of hope not because the party is at a park with a really nice playground, and dresses are, IMO not the thing for playing in the park. I hope I'm right cause I've opted for play clothes. I guess, if I'm wrong.... I did at least bring them clean shirts to put on after daycare. Secondly, what should we take for a present? Should I have the girls take 1 joint present? Or 2 separate ones? I just don't know. And the mom's at Twinstuff weren't much help; most of them said "sometimes we do one and sometimes the other." Gee, thanks. And how much I should spend. One twin mom said that she takes one gift for her 2 girls but spends more money - sometimes as much as $40. Holy Cow. I'm sorry but we just can't go there. And what if my selection is just plain bad? I could be labled the "bad present giver" by all the other parents at daycare. And no one wants that. So you can see there a lot of pressure when it comes to going to a birthday party. I just hope the girls have a good time.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Little pitchers have big ears

It's time for me to start watching what I say around my kids. How do I know? Well, as many kids do, K and A enjoy playing with the telephone - the real one. Now every parent knows this is not a good thing. So, when I find a child playing with the phone, I typically say something like "A (or K) that's not for you. You don't need to call China." The danger being, of course, that by randomly pushing buttons a kiddo could accidentally place an overseas call to some place like, well, China. To make a long story short, it turns out this was the wrong thing to say. Because now, whenever A sees the telephone she points to it and says "China." Oops! I'm just glad I haven't been calling the phone something else.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Time for more posts?

OK, if I'm going to do this blog thing, I need to really start doing it. Especially since some one actually has a link to my blog! Exciting, and scary, to think that someone it actually interested in what I have to say! We'll see what happens. Today is the day that I officially start writing my PhD dissertation. I have one chapter finished, but I still have tons to write. A thesis introduction and two more data chapters. Hopefully it will go quickly once I get back into writing grove. And hopefully I won't get do distracted by our impending move. Yes, that's right. With only a couple of months left in my degree program, shortly before we plan to leave this glorious state behind, we have to move. We were notified yesterday that our crappy apartment is now a luxury condo, and we either have to buy it (yeah, right) or move out by the end of June. So what can we do? Anyone know of a nice but cheap place to live in our fair city?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Messy Baby 1.2

Alison - Winter 2007, originally uploaded by juliereynolds42.

I thought she was finished with breakfast. But apparently she was still hungry because when I went back in the dining room I found this.