Thursday, April 26, 2007

Imitation as Flattery

When I started blogging I told myself that I would not, could not become one of those mommy bloggers (or daddy bloggers for that matter) who only writes about the cute things her children are doing. But my twins are so cute and so funny that I have to indulge myself and post about the girls every once in a while, don’t I? So anyway, at almost 21 months, Ali and Kt have suddenly reached the stage where they want to do things just like Mommy and Daddy. Ali, for example, wants to wear my shoes (and my bra and panties – but that’s another story) and regularly clomps around the house in them. And yesterday morning both girls tried to leave the apartment with an old black diaper bag slung over one shoulder – probably because Daddy and Mommy both leave the house with black computer and book bags. But the time this new found desire to imitate us really rears its ugly head is when we sit down to eat. Last night when we were at the “Burrito-as-big-as-your-femur” joint, Kt insisted on wrapping her bits of quesadilla with foil so her food would be like ours (for the uninitiated, BABAYF wraps its burritos in foil so they don’t fall apart while you’re eating). And that’s not all. Both girls really want to eat sitting in the “big people” chairs at meal time. They cry and fuss and insist they are “ahh-done” eating and demand to get down. Not wanting to be a mother that traumatizes my children by forcing them to eat when they aren’t hungry, I typically let them down after a bit even after they haven’t eaten very much. And what do the do as soon as they get down (and my back is turned)? They climb up in my chair and proceed to eat whatever is in arms reach. Silly girls.

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