Friday, April 19, 2013

Perks of working at home

My career is currently in "transition" and I have mostly been working at home the last couple of weeks.  Not going into the lab/office everyday has a few downsides.  But there are definitely perks.  Some of those perks include: 

  1. I get to play what ever music I want as loud as I want to play it.
  2. I don't usually feel guilty for taking an internet surfing break (but breaks tend to be longer)
  3. I get to control the temperature.  The air-conditioner is never running on days when it's less than 50 degrees outside.
  4. If I find that I didn't dress appropriately for the day, I can just wander into my bedroom to change.
  5. I'm not usually cleaning the bathroom when I need to use it (downside is that I don't have a janitorial service cleaning my bathroom).
  6. Only my dirty dishes are in the sink. 
  7. I can eat or throw out anything that's in the fridge.
  8. Irish coffee (or any alcoholic beverage) is perfectly acceptable.    

1 comment:

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sounds like more perks than not!