Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Can this itch be scratched?

I have an itch I can’t scratch. I can’t describe it, or locate its source. But it’s there and it’s making me uncomfortable. There are lots of possibilities. Could it be a need to go for a run? Or hang out with friends? Eat some really, really good food? Read a great book? I suspect it’s a need to create something. Making Christmas ornaments, sewing pajama pants (even though I don’t really sew), and baking tons of cookies all sound really appealing to me right now. Or maybe I just need to write something. Not the research papers that I need to get out, but to write. But what? Poems? Short stories? Christmas letters? Blog posts? What will satisfy this itch? Or is it like those itches you get on the bottom of your foot? The ones that can’t really be scratched? And should I even try to scratch this itch? I already have an unending to do list filled with required chores. You know the ones laundry, dishes, insect colony maintenance, research paper writing. How do I prioritize creating just for the heck of it among the other tasks demanding my attention?

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