Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Open Letter

Dear Master of the Universe, I'd like a "do-over" please. So far 2009 has been very stressful and, in many ways, just bad. It is only the second (or third? I've lost track) week of February and already:
  1. I've lost the only electronic key to or primary vehicle. After searching for it for a week I finally broke down and had the stupid car towed to the dealership so I could have the car reprogrammed and new keys made. It was not fun.
  2. The heating coil in our oven melted - again. A white hot fire in the oven while trying to bake muffins - definitely not fun.
  3. M has been laid off. We sort of new it was coming, but still it was still kind of all of a sudden. It is not fun.
  4. K came down with the flu and had to spend 2 days at Children's Hospital with pneumonia. That was most definitely not fun.
In short, You promised you would not give me more to deal with than I can handle, so what gives? Can you please rewind the year so I can start it over. Alternatively, could you fast forward through the rest of the bad stuff that is going to happen this year to something slightly more fun? Thank you in advance, julie


Twice said...

Wow, that all sucks. I'm very sorry - I hope things turn around quickly.

Tina said...

The Master of the Universe must have a very high opinion of you. But then again, you are a postdoc and a mother of twins. That is amazing.

Hopefully... it can only get better.

Mrs. T. said...

Hope things are going better, Julie! I thought of you when my little one came down with pneumonia last week :(.

Hang in there!