Monday, May 21, 2007

Birthday party part 2

So it turns out that I freaked for no reason (not that I have a history of doing that or anything). The birthday party was fine. My kids were dressed like all the others. And our present was fine too (at least I think it was, we left before it was opened). But the books and small cars were in the same price range as the other presents that were given by non-family members. Its just that reading about the Mommy Wars in Newsweek and seeing articles about picking the perfect caterer for your 2 -year-old's birthday party in American Baby, causes panic. At least it cause me to panic. But now I know. And knowing if half the battle.


Momma Bean said...

You know, I always have a problem with, "Should I bring one gift or two??" because of course, others bring us a gift for each girl!! I end up bringing just one gift, because if the tables were turned and I had one daughter and had a party, I wouldn't dream of expecting two separate gifts from twins! Or, a gift that was double the price!! Oh, the joys of multiples-motherhood!

Julie R said...

I've decided that one present from both is fine for now - especially for a generic daycare friend (sorry Jonas). When the girls are older, if they each want to pick out something for a special a friend, then we'll go ahead and get two gifts.