Thursday, January 20, 2011

In case you were wondering....

If your child comes to you in a panic because she has her hand stuck in the chimney of her Playmobil™ Take Along Dollhouse…....

1. Don’t panic.
2. Don’t laugh (you can do that later behind her back).
3. Don’t launch into a speech about how this is a lesson about sticking her hand in things (at least not yet. You can do that later once her hand is free).
4. Quietly tell your child to stop trying to pull her hand out. You don’t want to damage her hand.
5. Don’t panic.
6. Tell your child not to panic.
7. Take all the dollhouse furniture and put it in a safe place. Make sure all the microscopic plates, bowls, and mugs are someplace where they can’t get lost or accidently thrown away.
8. Separate two halves of the dollhouse. The hinge comes undone fairly easily. Better yet, it is easy to snap it back together once her hand is free.
9. Disconnect the fireplace from the bottom floor and wall.
10. Remove the top floor on the side with the chimney. Lift it up (toward the roof) until it snaps apart. Gently slide the floor piece down around the fireplace being careful not to twist your child’s arm.
11. Now take a bowl of cold, soapy water and poor some of it into the fireplace. You want to:
a. Reduce the swelling in her hand that is caused by repeated attempts to pull the hand out and from the hand being compressed inside the chimney.
b. Make her hand slippery so she can successfully pull it out.
12. Cheer and give her a hug.
13. Thoroughly dry the dollhouse out with paper towels.
14. Reassemble the fireplace, second story floor, and two halves of the dollhouse.
15. Give object lesson about putting her hand (or other body parts) in tight/small places.
16. While you're at it, remind her not to put beads or other small items in her nose.
17. Finish cooking dinner.


Anonymous said...

We had the bead in the nose problem last week. Sadly, we had to go to the emergency room to get it out.

Julie R said...

We did the bead in the nose thing last spring. Getting it removed in the pediatricians office is considered outpatient surgery. Who knew?