Wednesday, December 15, 2010

There and Back Again

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a blog. It was a happy little blog that was updated periodically – not too often, because the girl was a busy girl with “lots of stuff on her plate”, but often enough. But then one day, the girl stopped updating her blog. Not for any real reason but because, well, because. This made the girl and her adoring fans (well, a bunch of anonymous commenters) a bit sad. So the girl decided she should start updating her blog again. She had the best of intentions. She even wrote a bunch of posts and stuck them in the “blog post” file on her computer. But, still, for a long time not a single post was actually posted. She even signed up to participate in Holidailies – a thing where people commit to updating their blogs every day for the month of December - hoping to jump start her dying blog. However, while the desire to write witty blog posts was strong, the desire to procrastinate was even stronger. So, no blog post was written on the first day of Holidailies. Or the second. Or the third. A whole week passed. The girl almost gave up the idea of starting up her blog again. But then Stubbornness hit. It beat back Procrastination and allowed the desire to write a blog post win the day. So what if today is the 7th day of Holidailies,” said Stubbornness. “It is not too late to start! Go ahead a write a blog post!” Share it with the world. What’s the worst that can happen?” So the girl wrote something. And posted it.

The End.

And there you have it friends, loyal followers, and people who comment anonymously in Chinese. My first blog post in over a year. I plan to continue every day for the rest of December at least. Stay tuned to find out if Stubbornness can continue to win against Procrastination. It should prove to be an interesting fight.

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varunner said...

Oooh, you've got me at the edge of my keyboard here :-) Good luck, you can do it!!