Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just do it

I have been inspired by ScienceMama, Dr. Isis, and some other really cool ladies who I have been cyber stalking. These ladies are all runners and running is something I want to do lots more of. I have always been out of shape, and having preeclamsia while being pregnant with twins only has only made the problem worse. I desperately need more exercise and running seems like a good way to go. I don't need any special equipment except for a good pair of running shoes, and a recent post by the above mentioned Dr. Isis give some great tips for finding the right pair. I already have a plan for getting started. And a shiny new mp3 player just waiting to be filled with motivational songs. So now I guess I need to just do it. And that, my friends, is the hard part for a chronic procrastinator like me. So tell me, where can I find the motivation I need to get off my every widening buttocks and start running?


ScienceMama said...

Make a date with yourself. Not tomorrow, but, say, Monday. Make plans for husband to take care of the kiddos. Lay out your shiny new shoes and workout clothes so that they will stare you in the face and make you cry if you think about not keeping your date.

Keep your expectations low for your first run. Don't think about how far you want to eventually be able to run. Just concentrate on making your first runs enjoyable. It's okay to run-walk-run-walk-run.

It will take time to get your lung power up, but that's okay. Before you know it you'll be running 3 miles at a stretch with no problem.

A friend of mine did the couch to 5K plan last November/December. In August she ran her first marathon.

You can do it! Just keep it fun so you'll keep going back.

Jennie said...

I think the couch to 5k is a good idea also. I'm more motivated when I have a buddy to run with but some people prefer to run alone.