Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I've been wondering....

  1. When the king in Sleeping Beauty has all of the spinning wheels in the country destroyed to keep his daughter from pricking her finger on a spindle, what happens to the country's economy? Where do they get their textiles for the next 16 years?

  2. When Curious George swallows the puzzle piece, why does the Man in the Yellow Hat (MITYH) take George to a children's hospital instead of a veterinarian?

  3. Why does the MITYH feel he can leave his monkey unattended at the zoo, candy story, ice cream shop, toy store, or any of the other locations where George gets him self in trouble? It that was a child....

  4. How is it that George ends up working so many food service jobs? Would you want an ape making your pancakes or serving your ice cream?

  5. Have I been reading too many children's book?

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