Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random thoughts

  1. If people are actually going to link to and read my blog, I should probably post more often.

  2. Its silly and unfair for me to be (slightly) irritated with my favorite bloggers when they don't post for days (or weeks) at a time when I only post once a month (or less).

  3. I am happy that I've found so many cool people through their blogs.

  4. I wish I knew some of them IRL instead of just online. I'm such a weirdo that I have a hard time finding people who share my interests. And that gets a bit lonely sometimes, don't ya know.


Lance said...

I totally agree with all your points. Oh, and write more often.

ScienceMama said...

I'll keep you company, ya' weirdo!

acmegirl said...

I do know what you mean. Hang in there!

JaneB said...

Know exactly what you mean!